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Two hundred rounds of running by Tammy No. 43 M2/9

July 20, 2008

 In physical education class at Demonstration School of Ramkhamhaeng University we have one thing which is different from other schools.  It is running two hundred times around the football field in one year.  Students who have to run are the student in  Mattayom one to Mattayom three.  I think this activity is good to the students because it’s make them strong and in good health.  My family think it is a good exercise for me because I don’t do much exercise at home.  I think it is good too but sometimes it makes me very tired.  Everyday before or after school I have to run four rounds or I can split it to two rounds in the morning and two rounds in the afternoon.  If we cannot make two hundred rounds in one year we will fail the P.E. class and we have to do the rest before we pass this class.


Opinion – We can make a Difference by Aum No. 25 M2/9

July 20, 2008

Climate change mry be a big problem,but there are many little things we can do to make adifference. If we try,most of us can do our part to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that we put into the atmosphere. Many greenhouse gases come from things we do every day. As we have learned, these greenhouse gases trap energy in the asmosphere and make the Earth warmer.

        Driving a car or using electricity is not wrong. We just have to be smart about it.Some people use less energy by carpooling. For example, four people can ride together in one car instead of driving four cars to work. Here are some additional ways you can help make the planet a better place!

        Recycle cans,bottles,plastic, and newpapers. When you recycle, you send less trash to the landfill and you help save natural
resources, like trees, oil, and elements such as aluminum.

        Bike, Bus, and Walk
        You can save energy by sometimes taking the bus, riding a bike, or walking.

Buildings at Satit Ram by Bas No. 6 M2/9

July 20, 2008
Satit ram is on an area 20 rai, with 7 permanent building.
DS1 has 6 floors. First floor is IT room; suggest room, toilet and lobby. Second floor is classroom, toilets, meeting hall. Third floor is classroom, meeting hall and toilets. Fourth floor is classroom, toilets and laboratory social studies. Fifth floor is laboratory IT, classroom, and toilets. And sixth floor is Thai laboratory, classroom and toilets.
DS2 has 2 floors. First floor is classroom. And second floor is classroom.
DS3 has 3 floors. First floor is technical side, toilets. Second floor is administrative side, laboratory foreign languages, toilets. And third floor is classroom, toilets and laboratory French.
DS4 has 3 floors. First floor is Fitness room. Second floor is mathematics laboratory and classroom. Third floor is classroom.
DS5 has 2 floors. 2 floors is art education.
DS6 has 4 floors. First floor is library. Second floor is physics laboratory, biology laboratory, classroom and toilets. Third floor is chemistry laboratory, toilets and meeting hall. And fourth floor is classroom, toilets and science laboratory.DS7 has 1 floor.
DS7 is occupation work laboratory.
And Satit ram has 2 gymnasiums, cafeteria and football field.

TV-Academy Fantasia- By Paw No. 20 M2/10

June 20, 2008

The nickname of Academy Fantasia is AF. AF is a popular reality show in Thailand. This reality show is about singing songs. There are twelve competitors. Every Saturday, there will be a concert at Thunderdome and every week one of the competitor will be disqualified unless there is a surprise. In the concert there will be three commentators that will comment all the competitors. Every week there will be different theme songs. It’s on air 24 hours on True Vision channel 20, when have concert will on air on true music channel 26 and MCOT channel is free TV. Now AF has 5 seasons.

Opinion-In the next ten years Bangkok will be an underwater city! By Palm 39 M2/9

June 20, 2008

(Study for the test)

Next ten years Bangkok will be underwater city!             

       Dr.Smith Dhammasaroch the previous director of The National Disaster Center was interviewed for World Environment Day (5th June)
    “Next ten years Bangkok will be an underwater city…”

  Bangkok will be an underwater city, because of Global warming.
 Can we believe him?
        About ten years ago, He warned “a Tsunami will be occurring in the Andaman Sea” But nobody believed him. Someone thought he was mad and resisted him such as the governor of Phuket didn’t allow Smith enter to Phuket because he destroyed tourism in Phuket at that time.
      Six years later, Andaman Sea had a Tsunami.
Ten provinces in the west coast of the southern part of Thailand got the big impact. If somebody trusted him at that time we could have saved many lives during the Tsunami was attacked.
Who’s Dr. Smith
       Many people know him well. He is very good in meteorology. He always warns about big impacts from natural disasters.
       He was a previous director of the National Disaster Center.
He resigned because he was really disappointed that the governments was never interested when he had warned about natural disasters.     
Bangkok will be underwater city?
     It’s beyond my imagination. But I believe Smith.
 Maybe it will be happen in the next 10-30 years. I heard about this story from other people. They said like this but in the next few years it will be true.
    We should trust him to prepare to protect people from the impact from natural disasters.

Save Bangkok, Save the world !!
    If everybody thinks, I have to survive. Next ten years I am going to live in upcountry or oversea.
    Nowadays all around the world get big impacts from global warming such as earthquake in Sichuan (China), cyclone Nargis in Myanmar etc.
    Everywhere have a chance to get the impact.
    We have a time to save Bangkok and save the world. Find a solution to remit global warming and save Bangkok together.
What do people do in this time?
Smith gave advice:   
    “Don’t worry. It’s not worth being serious about.
Don’t be nervous. Follow the news and learn about how to survive when the natural disasters is happen.

     Something is more important, in this time all around the world have natural disasters. This is because “Green house effect” It make global warming.
      If temperature in the sea increases only 1 degree centigrade natural disasters will be happen quite often and it more powerful.
      This is a big lesson for humans to stop destroying nature by reducing any activities to create Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere”.

      I hope nature will give us more time to remedy the wrong things that we have done. Smiley

            ———–Stop global warming——         

Computer – Life and the Internet – By Ming No. 26 M2/10

June 20, 2008
(Study for the test)
“The life and internet”

Now , I always play on the computer and internet. Especially when I have to do my homework . Because the internet has more information than the library has and its information is more up-to-date than the books in library. The important thing is internet can work very quickly , just type the key word in web search engine then results will show. While , searching information in the library , I have to walk around to find the book then read through , It takes too much time.

The another reason  is online games . I play online games as same as the other persons.  I am allowed to play it when I have a long free time such as on weekend. The online game I’m playing now is ” Luna Online “. I have been playing this game in the last school holiday.  It is very fun.

In fact internet has a lot of advantages and disadvantages.  Such as in business everyone uses the information on it to help to make decisions quickly, on the other hand , the information on it can destroy their business if they use it in the wrong way.

Nowadays the internet is important.  It make everyone convenient.  Some people can work at home so they have more time to take care their family.  I think in the near future I may not need to go to school , just turn on the computer then connect to internet and I can study and send my homework via internet like this homework.  What is the life ??

Opinion-How the late beginning class of Satit Ram affects learning by Garf No. 19 M2/9

June 13, 2008

Because Satit Ram should begin classes at same time as Ramkhamhaeng University. Actually the beginning class of Satit Ram is slower than other public schools or private schools by about 2 weeks and it is surely affects the learning of  Satit Ram’s students. The pupils in Matthayom 1,2 and 5 might receive only a small effect but on other hand it will effect students in Matthayom 3,4 and 6 a lot.
          In Matthayom 3, that is important grade,because it is jointing of a junior high school and senior high school. that the students should study for better possible grade for choosing a department or some students who want to be educated in another high school.
          In Matthayom 4 ,students are in the first year of senior high school and that is one of the important grade. Because the students have to adjust and prepare themselves for higher education.
          The most important grade is Matthayom 6, because all of the students try to enter to any university and if the classes begin very late it can  affect the students.
          Even a tutorial school is available, but the subject’s content is not similar to other schools so the content can be usable or unuseful.
          And all of this is my opinion related to the caused by the late beginning classes of Satit Ram.

Written by: Garf No. 19 M2/9

TV- X-Man Cherry No. 19 M2/10

June 13, 2008

X-Man is a very famous game show in South Korea and Thailand. This game show was on air on true x-zyte channel .
The game will on air every Saturday night at 11:00 P.M. . This game show has a master of ceremonies (M.C.) his name is Yoo Jae Suk. In the X-man game show it’s has many games in show. This game show has many superstars from South Korea to play games in this game show. M.C. Yoo Jae Suk will share two teams to play each game. And one team will has one person who made his or her team to lose in many games. We call his or here is X-man. In the end everybody in show will choose X-man.

Re: Entertainment-Bigbang by Auy No. 29 M2/10

June 13, 2008


“BIGBANG GLOBAL WARNING TOUR LIVE IN BANKOK 2008″at the indoor stadium at Hua Mark. Five stars bigbang is from Korea with G-Dragon, Tae Yang, Top,Dea Sung and Seung Ri. Their songs that are well known in Thailand are Unknow Number,Shake It, and They show “Beat box” for fanclub. Everyone in concert very enjoy and happy very much. The concert very happy because they can speak thai language so every one like them. Dea Sung give red rose flower,and kiss her hand too for goodluck Thai woman. The concert end with happy ending.

Opinion-End of Student Hair by Gun No. 6 M2/10

June 13, 2008
End of Student Hair!!

This story is about law of Satit Ram. A student’s hair was cut because his or her hair is longer than the law of our school.He or she has been upset and sad about his or her hair because Satit Ram’s barber/hair dresser didn’t cut his or her hair properly.But if his or her hair is follow to law of Satit Ram, he or she will not be upset and sad about his or her hair.

This story is happened on 15th may 2008.

Computer – Laser Force by Bow No. 40 M2/10

June 13, 2008

Laser Force is a war game played in a dark room. 

I played Laser Force in New Zealand about two month ago. It was a great experience because I  didn’t know this game.

When you play they had a computer to show people who were playing inside the room and it was very fun because we can see two teams play in side.

Lets see what is Laser Force

 Playing Laser Force
There are two teams, a green team and a red team(I was  on the green team). Each team player wears a laser pack that flashes a light the colour of his team. (space after the period) You must start at your color’s base. For the green team this is just as you walk in the door. For the red team just walk to the other side of the room. when the music starts you can shoot the other team. Shoot their shoulder, back or gun. You will get no point if you shoot the front of you enermy(I often shot my team 555+). You must hold the gun with two hands. Put your left hand on the barrel and your right hand on the trigger. Next to your finger on your left hand there is a small button. You must hold this button down. The gun will not work if you do not hold this button down.

If you get other team’s base stand under the target and shoot between the four lights three times. If  everyone  in your team does it you will get bonus points.
If you are shot your lights will go out for 4 seconds and you will not be shoot anyone. You need to run away. If you stay in the same place the person who is shooting you will continue and you can not do anything. This is a competition between the two teams. The team with the highest points will win

Computer/Internet-Virus in my computer by Earth No. 18 M2/9

June 13, 2008

Last Thursday my computer had a virus.It is not good. I went to the Seri Center to repair my computer. Then finished. I went to my home. I opened my computer. It have a new program. It is AntiVir PE Classic.
This program is an antivirus program. It has many menus in this program. When my computer have a virus it will destroy virus. It is good. When my computer is normal I open Internet and  go to to write this newpaper topic.

Movie-Narnia By Art No. 8 M2/9

June 13, 2008

Last week I went to see the Narnia at Century Theater.This story is a fantasy about four children from the present century and Prince Caspian at Nania who tries to save his  country from his relative(Uncle Miraz). His uncle is not a good man. He tries to control the country without mercy and plans to eliminate Prince Caspian and the Narnia People. At the end four children from present century can help Prince Caspian save his country and people.

Opinion-Computers by Ton No. 15 M2/9

June 13, 2008

My opinion about computers.  Computers are very important because we can use them for searching the data in it that we want. We use it for entertainment and education and business. If you visit many websites, you will get knowledge world wide. Sometimes when you chat on the internet you can relax and get new friends. If you have free time you can learn something new around the world and you can travel to the places without going out of your home You can buy a new movie and buy something from around the world. I think in the future we will have high technology about computers.