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Ja-o a new restaurant in Satit Ram by Talae No.1 M2/9

July 20, 2008

Ja-o is a new restaurant in Satit Ram school, it came in the year 2008. In this restaurant, you can have fresh and hot food but you have to wait because they cook food to order. If there are many customers, you have to wait longer. Talking about menu you can eat many types of food but I can’t remember food  you can look at the menu and this, some students said the food are is delicious. I think they are right. Now you can have more choices for your lunch, please enjoy. Oh and don’t believe my opinion but please try  it youself.  Wink Wink


Buildings at Satit Ram by Bas No. 6 M2/9

July 20, 2008
Satit ram is on an area 20 rai, with 7 permanent building.
DS1 has 6 floors. First floor is IT room; suggest room, toilet and lobby. Second floor is classroom, toilets, meeting hall. Third floor is classroom, meeting hall and toilets. Fourth floor is classroom, toilets and laboratory social studies. Fifth floor is laboratory IT, classroom, and toilets. And sixth floor is Thai laboratory, classroom and toilets.
DS2 has 2 floors. First floor is classroom. And second floor is classroom.
DS3 has 3 floors. First floor is technical side, toilets. Second floor is administrative side, laboratory foreign languages, toilets. And third floor is classroom, toilets and laboratory French.
DS4 has 3 floors. First floor is Fitness room. Second floor is mathematics laboratory and classroom. Third floor is classroom.
DS5 has 2 floors. 2 floors is art education.
DS6 has 4 floors. First floor is library. Second floor is physics laboratory, biology laboratory, classroom and toilets. Third floor is chemistry laboratory, toilets and meeting hall. And fourth floor is classroom, toilets and science laboratory.DS7 has 1 floor.
DS7 is occupation work laboratory.
And Satit ram has 2 gymnasiums, cafeteria and football field.