TV-Family Genius by Nine No.38 M2/10

Name English Family Genius.  Name Thai AUT-CHA-RI-YA-YOKE-BAAN.  On air on Saturday at 10.00 pm.  It is a game show.  It has play game 4 mission.  The winner to take award 50000 baht.  In mission 1, it name is KHOB-KRUAW-HUA-HMONE.  Mission 2, it name is KROB-KRUAW-HUA-LUM-LEANG.  Mission 3, it name is KHOB-KRUAW-HUA-LAND.  And mission 4, it name is KHUB-KHUAW-ROUM-HUA-KID.  One team has member 3 people.  There are father, mother and daughter or son.  There are 4 team competitors.  In round each will to discard 1 team.  Last team is winner and to take award 50000 baht.  But last team must to pass a test in mission 4.  Mission 4, it name is KHOB-KHUAW-ROAM-HUA-KID.  Mission 4 it they can find the puzzle in 4 minutes, get big jackpot 500,000 baht.  After 4 minutes, get award 50000 baht. Before 7 minutes, get can shirt (shirt can) 3 people (1 team). All mission must have very unity, because will out site games.


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