News – The misunderstanding about taking a bath – By Dao No.32 M2/10

The Specialist of skin talks about is how often to take a bath will make problems of your skin very easy to take care of.  Because of the skin has immunizing agents in nature and it is antiseptic too,  it help to prevent the inflame etc.  You will to see that when have the wound, it gives result to effect of your body is fighting with disease.
    The researcher of Tobingkem University in Germany has discovered that the sweat has the substance to prevent the skin from inflame, a rash.  This substance is produced from sweat glands throughout the body. It helps to pasteurize bacteria before it danger of skin.  The antiseptic of skin are removed by a washing powder, soap, etc.  We should buy them to be careful for don’t irritate the skin, we can observe to after of use will have irritate and dry skin.
                So we should take a bath two times a day. Smiley


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