Food-Papaya Salad(Somtam) By Pui No.37 M2/10

Papaya Salad is the kind of Thai food, it originating from of Laos and northwest Thailand. The main consist is green papaya, groundnut, tomato, garlic, chili, string bean, Lime juice, fish sauce, shrimp and sugar.

Papaya Salad Directions…
1.Fresh Green Papaya 
2. Shredded Papaya
3. Ingredients Ready 
4. Prepare Seasonings
5. Pound Together   
6. Serve and enjoy.

You can eat BBQ chicken with papaya salad, some made with carrot or cucumber instead of papaya. Papaya Salad is most popular in many people, because papaya salad is very delicious and to be different. Papaya Salad is unique of Thailand. The dominant of Papaya Salad is peppery. Papaya Salad is healthy and Low Fat. But! You must to make sure the restaurant is hygienic, Because you can diarrhoea!!~

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