Food-Japanese food by Famai No.31 M2/10

Japanese food.

Japanese foods are delicious such as Ramen (Japanese noodle), Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza), Miso soup, Yakisoba, Tempura, Gyoza, Tongkastu (fried pork), Takoyaki, Sashimi (raw fish), Sushi (Japanese rice with raw fish) etc.  Wasabi and Shoyu (soy sauce) are Japanese ingredient.  Wasabi made from a root of  Wasabi.  Wasabi has strong favour.  We untie strong favour from Wasabi by cola.  Japanese people always eat Sushi with Wasabi and Shoyu.  Japanese people always eat Sashimi with Shoyu and radish crush.  Ramen made from egg noodle and soup made from the boiled bones of pigs or chickens and vegetable such as onion, carrot etc.  Okonomiyaki made from wheat flour, water, eggs and cabbage.  The Japanese restaurant in Thailand such as Fuji, Oishi etc.     





One Response to “Food-Japanese food by Famai No.31 M2/10”

  1. soysaucequeen Says:

    Ramen is not Japanese noodle. Udon in Japanese noodle.

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