Entertainment-My Opinion of Reality Show TV by Arm No.5 M2/10

really=the truth
show=appear to people
so,reality show means the truth for appear to people on TV
  Now reality show is fever and famous for teenagers.  Boys and girls know it.  The shows are reality shows such as Academy Fantasia, The Star, Big Brother etc.  A lot of compete is reality.  The competitors in reality want to people vote to stay on the reality show.
  The first reality show is fantastic in Thailand because Thailand didn’t have reality shows.  People vote about the competitors.  But now there’s a lot of reality shows in Thailand.  People are bored about reality shows, bored to vote.  The votes become marketing.  It’s not fun.  It’s not fantastic.  It’s not excited.  It’s boring.  A few people vote.  A few people watch and me too.
  And you, are you bored  with reality shows?
 Write your comments here about reality shows!!!!!!


One Response to “Entertainment-My Opinion of Reality Show TV by Arm No.5 M2/10”

  1. superhare Says:

    Me personally never believed such shows as The Swan for example. Everything looks very unreal there. 2 weeks – and a person becomes completely different. I think it is impossible to do for such a short period. it is not a reality, it is a real show.
    they have a written scenario
    And they stopped to hide this fact though did it before. I will not tell anything about ALL reality shows but i read many articles about this fact in different magazines (not yellow press))) and on the Internet either.

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