Entertainment-Four Mods- by Ngeg No.34 M2/10


Four and Mod are famous singer.
Four, name is Sakolrat Woraurai.  Four’s birthday twenty-fifth October 1986.  She is twenty-one years old.  She has two sisters and one brother.  Older sisters are Thanawon Woraurai (One) and Sirikamol Woraurai (Off/Three) .  Older brother is Suthipong Woraurai (Two).
Mod, name is Kunutchaya Chairat.  Mod’s birthday twelfth April 1991.  She is seventeen years old.  She hasn’t sisters and brothers.

Four and Mod have four main albums.

In 2005 under ID Records, The first album was Four-Mod.  Four-Mod album had ten songs.  Ten songs were hai-jai-pen-ter, bib-nam-ta, tam-ha-khon-tam-jai, ta-kra-sib, poen-mai, rup-dao-bon-puen-saai, yim-aog, pu-tong-song-sai, wan-pi-sed and pean-pen-ruk-dai-mai.  Hit song was hai-jai-pen-ter.

In 2006, The second album was Love Love.  Love Love album had eight songs.  Eight songs were love-love, pean-gun-mai, dek-wun-wai, san, bok-la-nai-jai, sa-lum-sa-lue, tum-jai-hai-pen-poen-ter and term-khom-nai-chong-wang  Hit song was love love. 

In 2007 under Kamikaze, The third album was Wooo!.  Wooo! album had six songs.  Six songs were dek-me-pun-ha, mai-jeb-mai-tam, tummm.., pu-chai-jai-yen, wa-sa-bi and khad-jai.  Hit song was dek-me-pun-ha. 

In 2008, The fourth album was Four Mod In Wonderland.  In Wonderland album had five songs.  Five songs were la-lai, pen-fan-gun-mai, jeb-mung-a-rai-mung, jeeb-nuk-deaw-ruk-roey and khai-ting-khai-kon.  Hit song was la-lai.

Other albums
-Kamikaze album.
-kiss kiss album.
-Forward To U album.
-Hit 2 Hit Neko Jump & Four Mod album.

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