News-The Waii Kru ceremony!!-Gift No. 33 M2/9

Waii Khru ceremony!!
3 July 2008 in Satit ram school is a “Waii  Khru” ceremony . This ceremony is a very important for students,
because this ceremony  is to pay compliments to teachers, so in the morning student went to the Ramkhamheang conference hall to join in the ceremony. In this ceremony have athere are many activities. This ceremony is the day that  the alumnus and alumna will go to this school to pay compliment to the  teachers the same us. In this ceremony there is an activity to give a certificate to a good students, the students from m.6 sang a song to our teacher, It’s very beautiful!!, the competition to make ”pran”   to used to give to our teachers and my class 2/9 is got a third prize, it’s very amazing.

In the afternoon is the time for an old student to make an activity for the new students. It’s very fun. In Thai this activity is called ‘Rub nong’. I have to join in this activity too. It’s very fun but very tired too. 


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