Movie-The Last Moment-Baitong No. 27 M2/9

The Last Moment

Last week, I went to see The Last Moment or it is called “Rak Sam Sao” in Thai at Major Cineplex, The Mall Bangkapi. This story is a drama movie. It’s made by Yudthalert Lippapak. He’s a director of this movie.He tell this movie has plot from his life.

The Last Moment’s actors
Nam-Arrak Amornsuphasiri
Fah-Pattharasara Kruesuwansira
Phayu-Ratchawin Wongwiriya

The Last Moment is about love, crying, tough, and care of the three art student friends. Fah, Nam and Phayu are friends. Fah is Nam’s best friend. Nam loves Phayu but Phayu loves Fah. Fah does not know that Nam loves Phayu. So Fah says that she loves Phayu in the presence of Nam. Love….friendship….

What are they going to do next ?

I like this movie because it makes me cry Cry and impressed. 


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