TV-Hub Kong Mae-June No. 33 M2/10

Hub Kong Mae

   The story is about district officer and dressing maker which love each other and have a son. But district officer has a fiancée. So make the fiancée do out satisfaction. To make the false story get the district officer mistake from his home. After that she gets difficult many things. The fiancée [Sawaros] hit and throw acid to dressing maker [Kimnide]. Kimnide face is bad to be seen. The home of district officer no money to pay education for the first son. Kimnide who is paying for this thing behind the curtain. This make from the hawker. Kimnide make money which her son does not know. Later Kimnide and her husband together to be love and happy ending. Because the dristrict officer told the son that Kimnide is his mother. And the son to be envious Kimnide.

           I very like this drama. Grin Because it is useful, funny, teaches many things and give many things to think about to me. Even repaying and to be envious. Which it make bad effectual return. Cry



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