Sports-Football Euro 2008-Aom No. 36 M2/9

European Football Championship is soccer match from country in Europe as to verify kick in prince in field of ball Europe. Arrange every 4 years. And the far from world match 2 years. And in control from European Football Association [UEFA] this time European Football championship orange is thirteen times.
     There country are Austria and Switzerland, are generous share in arrive Football Euro 2008. Over round for choose 1 of 16 teams to become the winner. Now16 team lastly in Football Euro 2008 have Austrian, Croatia, Republic, Cheg, French, German, Greece, Holland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and turkey.
      Now Spain is in prince in field of ball Europe 2007. With Spain Competition German, Score is 1- 0. 
      Works Spain

– Round 1
Win Russia   4-2
Win Sweden   2-1
Win Greece   2-1
– Round 8 Team
Even Italy 0-0 (120 minute) win free kick   4-2
– Round second to the champion
Win Russia   3-0


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