Sports-Aikido-Boon No. 22 M2/10


What is Aikido?
   After long time as for the Orient part. Someone call Aikido is “One in the Art of Fight” which gentle and sensitive. In fact, Aikido doesn’t only prevention oneself but it has discipline of living harmoniously. Therefore Aikido means unification of spiritual and physical parts of a person. Aikido doesn’t mean lose or win and is not competitive. You will never have pain or be injured during practice when all techniques training by professional.

Identify of Aikido
1.It is prevention from an enemy when get close to you.
2.To protect by broken joint such as wrist, elbow, ankle. In same time throw and hit an enemy to the floor.
3.It is art of arresting, control and mind by polite but pain and danger.
4.It is subject that use internal power control enemy by use power of opponents.

Principle of Aikido
   Principle of Aikido is “Mind Control Body”.
1.Control body by adjust equilibrium.
2.Control and compile of concentration.

Means practice Aikido
   Aikido must always practice continually. Aikido is difference from normal sport. Aikido doesn’t think about competition, win or lose but we help each other to practice. Finally, Aikido doesn’t think will win opponents, but think over win. This is strong point of Aikido.


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