Entertainment-Interview of Mario Maurer-Air No. 41 M2/10

Interview of Mario Maurer
    Mario Maurer is a hot new superstar of Thailand.  He is 18 years old.  He was born in Thailand, 4 December 1998.  But his nationality is German, because his father is German.  He has one older-brother at person.  He studies Bachelor’s Humanities degree at Ramkhamheang University.  He like to plays sketch-board very much.
Because he thinks his trick is enjoy.  He plays it since 12 years old.

     His special ability is singing a rap song.  When he has free time, He always walks for pleasure at Siam center with his friend.  He results of work advertisements.  His advertisements are exit roll-on, Pizza Company, potato Jax, Rosa, foremost.  His movie and shows are the love of Siam, Shutter, body-sop-19 and 4 via.                 


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