Opinion-School’s football field by Aum No. 4 M2/10

                                        School’s  football  field

In the first day I came to School. I usually saw something change but, not like this time.

What’s happening to our football field? Shocked The place that used to be the football field is
becoming a dirt bike track. All of the grass was gone but filled with construction cars and bike ramps(soil hills).
   In May the weather in Thailand was terrible.It was raining everyday and every where especially
in Bangkok. So the grass was gone. There will be no football games on the field. I was sad.
   Why they didn’t fix this problem before the school started the new semester? When it will be finished?
A lot of questions were in my head. I asked some of my friends. “I don’t know when they will be finish.”
said my friend. Then I asked the teachers and they said the football field will be finished before Satit games.
 That’s better. I thought I had to wait until next year. I see workmen working hard everyday.
“That’s alright I can wait.”I said to my self and I hope the weather will be better than this. Smiley

Thank you for reading my story.


One Response to “Opinion-School’s football field by Aum No. 4 M2/10”

  1. teacherbob Says:

    Out of all of the stories this week, only Aum talked about something happening at Satit Ram.

    T. Bob

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