IBM is developing Linux center in Phuket-By Ton 2/10

IBM is preparing for setting up Linux development center at Phuket Paradise next month. And SIPA cooperates with Porn sup foundation to develop open source developer
Dr. Roongrueng Limchoopatiparn, director of Software Development Promotion office(SIPA) said that in July, IBM will sign  cooperative contractual agreement with SIPA to set up Open source Linux at Phuket which is considred to be the first company that join Phuket ICT Paradise or heaven island for SIPA for research and development.
In addition, SIPA also join with Porn sup foundation by signing cooperative contract for Open source software knowledge training. SIPA will select its internal personnel, government agentcies,and academic institution to join training and eveluation. It expects to take 10 months and then it will develop learning materials in order to be used in academic institutions.


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    […] Meanwhile, Vietnam has targeted to produce 100,000 ICT graduates a year under its 5 year ICT master plan. Thailand as a whole is currently producing 20-30,000 ICT and related graduates. Many experts said however, that the depth of Thailand’s know how is greater than Vietnam, because it is a new comer. “Thailand’s outsource gets higher value added and higher level of expertise needed than what is heading into Vietnam,” said SIPA. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Thai Software “Crash” as Politician Snatch Away SIPA BudgetPrem “Pissed Off” US$3 Billion New Calvary Gets “No Traction”Logistics Industry Prifile by Tammy: A Sleeping Giant Needs AwakeningIBM is developing Linux center in Phuket-By Ton 2/10 […]

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