Opinion – Did Harry Potter Die? By Chakee and Friends – M2/9

My opinion is ……   He DIED!!!!! Embarrassed. But he’s back from the dead. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows(or Harry Potter 7) Harry died. But He came back because he had one things of the Deathly Hallows, The Resurrection Stone. It had a power to bring back the dead. And Harry used it.
                          Who killed my Harry!!!!!

                               At first. Harry was met Lord Voldermort(or some people call him “You-Know-Who”) and Harry knew a part of the Lord voldermort’s soul is still alive in his body. Therefore he allowed Voldermort to kill him.

                          How to Harry came back to the death

                               When he killed by Lord Voldermort. He met Dumbledore in the death world. He talked to his professer shortly. And Dumbledore told him the part of Voldermort’s soul in his body had to die. And Harry could come back by The Resurrection Stone.

                                       Who’s dies in Harry Potter 7
                               Even though Harry didn’t die, others did die. By the end of Harry Potter about ten people at least died. In Harry Potter 7th, They had many dead people. Such as “Alaster(Mad-Eye) Moody” he was killed by the Death Eaters, “Severus Snape” was killed by The Dark Lord and more. Two persons who had a big relationship with Harry died.
                                   If you need to know more. You can buy the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to read. Who lives? Who dies? Don’t miss the book!!!!!

By Teacher Bob:

I think Chakee is crazy (just joking!).  EVERYONE knows Harry Potter didn’t die!  But let us know what you think. But you can go to the Satit Ram Chat Forum and let everyone know what you think.  Just go to the “Student Chat Area” and open the topic about Harry Potter.  You have to be registered to vote, but registering is easy!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing your opinions!

T. Bob


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