Oral Tests for Teacher Bob’s Students/Newspaper Reopening

On Wednesday, July 2 and Thursday, July 3 students may come to me for their oral tests.

The topics for the oral test are:

M3 – Favorite places (Favorite place in Bangkok, favorite place in Thailand, for example)

M2 – Favorite job, general “Wh” questions (Where do you live? What is your favorite food? for example)


Tomorrow I will talk with the M2/9 students to see if they are interested in reopening the newspaper.  However, no student will be required to do their work on the internet.  M2/9 and M2/10 students please talk to your parents and see if it is OK if you do work on the internet.  If you cannot, I will make another test for you.

Let me know what you think.  Please add a comment to this article!!!!!   Students, ask your parents what they think about you working on the internet so you can tell me!


T. Bob


2 Responses to “Oral Tests for Teacher Bob’s Students/Newspaper Reopening”

  1. Chakee23-29 Says:

    My parents are OK if I do my homework on internet.
    I can’t wait to reopening of my newspaper.

  2. TOEY Says:

    good! very good!

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