Movie-Juno The Family Movie – By Chakee No. 23 M2/9

(Study for the test)

One week ago. I went to see The Movie at The Major Cineplex. The movie’s plot is reflected in America teenage society.
 Let’s see the plot.

         Juno is about a fifteen year old girl named Juno. She is pregnant because she had sex with her close friend. But she choose to protect her child. And she was made steadfast by the will power of her family and her friends.
           This movie makes feedback the issue of conceiving at school age. Juno doesn’t tell you at conceiving at school age is a good story. But Juno is  about a girl who wants to be responsible for her doing. And she can be steadfast by herself.                                           
                                           Juno‘s Actors
                                       Juno Macguff — Ellen Page
                Pualie Bleeker(Juno’s Husband) — Michael Cera
                             Mark/Vanessa Loring — Jason Bateman/Jennifer Garner
                                     Juno’s Parents — J.K. Simmons/Allison Jenney
Other movies in this month
Sex and The city Carrie’s back! For everyone who are sex and the city’s fan. Don’t miss!
The Dark Knight The return of the Batman. It’s the follow part of “Batman Begins”

Las Vegas The big city and sin city. Let’s see the true story of”Las Vegas”
The Chronicles of Narnia:Prince Caspian Three children are come back! But then they come back with ‘Prince of Caspian’
Iron Man Based story on Marvel comics. It’s about the world’s greatest superhero ‘Iron Man’


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