What I did during my vacation – M3/4

During my vacation I had to played soccer in  Holland and travel in Amsterdam. Wink I come back to Thailand on 15 May 08.I always get up at 6.00 am. And trained soccer but I’m not player in Satitram School. EmbarrassedIt’s funs.After I had to
played soccer I always watched TV and played game in a free times. I  occasionally want to go to school because I missed my friends and teachers. Cry In this summer I very tried because I trained soccer and washed plate haha! Grin Grin  .Last day of this summer I opened some books because I fear  to  hard luck.   Embarrassed Grin This is my vacation in this summer.           Oat-4 M3/4

On my summer vacation I went to my Grandfather’s home. I sometimes stayed at home. I had to study the summer. I usually went to the school by my father’s car. sometimes I went to school by bus. At my Grandfather’s home has one motocycle. I usually ride it went to my friend’s home in the evening I allways played gamecomputter with my friend. In shongkran’s day I and my parrent went to samed Island. At samed, I found interresting places where I could stay. there I impressed by the beautiful beaches I had a good time because I could see the beautiful part of the nature. Smiley   Golf18-34

During my summer vacation I always woke up too late, because I always played Hi5 and msn at midnight.
After that I watched Japanese Series.It had very handsome hero and very fun. =]
Ex. Oguri Shun, Kamae, Yama Pee and Musumoto Chun.^^I usually went to bed too late 5555. >w<
Someday I woke up early,because I had to studied math science and English in the morning.
I often went to the mall and I bought clothes in tawanna. >,<
Before school opened I rarely went to Ra-Yong.It had beautiful sea but in rain season sea had muddy. T^T
I took a photo in the beach and went back to home.I’m very happy in my summer vacation.
Hula Hule ~~ LunLa Hahae Woo !! >,^            Grace22-34

 During my vacation I stayed home. I always woke up at 7.30 in the morning. My grandmother usually cooked the breakfast for me. Sometimes I and my neighbor rode bicycle to have the breakfast. I always washed clothes every friday. I always went to my sister’s friend home for took her to played with my sister. Sometimes I cooked the lunch for them. In the afternoon my bestfriend always came to see me. We always watched TV and sang the karaoke. We occationally went to the book center. We rarely played football with the boys. We always pleyed badminton at 5.00 p.m. In the evening my bestfriend often went to her home. I usuallywent to bed at 23.00 p.m. My vacation so bored but I very loved it.

Have a nice day.   Fah24-34


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