What I did during my summer vacation – From M3/6

Cake says:

During my summer vacation I always stayed at home and played computer games because I liked to play games at home more than going to play outside. The game that I likes to play the majority of the time is – will the online game , because , it is enjoyable. And I meet new friends in the game talk to make myself known so we can talk and help each other play all well. During in the evening I liked to go out and play sports regularly. Well I don’t like to study thus I have no special education. Mostly, I can come and go at will. I can go to a friends house or persuade a friend come and play at my house. During my freetime I like to read a books , especially cartoon books , mostly , because , it enjoyable , amusement , not taut , but , I , still read a school textbooks . Really summer my moderately tiresome holiday because , I sitting at my house then , playing games continually , until I finished summer the holiday.  Shocked

Yun says:

During my vacation i always stayed home! But in the first month i usually got up at 6 o’clock because i had to come to played tennis. Behind i played tennis i must came to school to study English with Mr.Robert Postak! I usually did in that way about 1 month and i thought it make me really happy so much! After 1 month i still came to play tennis and it made me dark. If i had free time , i always played computer and chatted with my friends. I usually went to my grandmother’s house because her house was next to my house! So everything that i told you are the truth! 5555 See you on your class TBob Smiley


One Response to “What I did during my summer vacation – From M3/6”

  1. minichancez Says:

    It’s difficult to read. ’cause it’s English.

    Ha ha 😀

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