Opinion-How the late beginning class of Satit Ram affects learning by Garf No. 19 M2/9

Because Satit Ram should begin classes at same time as Ramkhamhaeng University. Actually the beginning class of Satit Ram is slower than other public schools or private schools by about 2 weeks and it is surely affects the learning of  Satit Ram’s students. The pupils in Matthayom 1,2 and 5 might receive only a small effect but on other hand it will effect students in Matthayom 3,4 and 6 a lot.
          In Matthayom 3, that is important grade,because it is jointing of a junior high school and senior high school. that the students should study for better possible grade for choosing a department or some students who want to be educated in another high school.
          In Matthayom 4 ,students are in the first year of senior high school and that is one of the important grade. Because the students have to adjust and prepare themselves for higher education.
          The most important grade is Matthayom 6, because all of the students try to enter to any university and if the classes begin very late it can  affect the students.
          Even a tutorial school is available, but the subject’s content is not similar to other schools so the content can be usable or unuseful.
          And all of this is my opinion related to the caused by the late beginning classes of Satit Ram.

Written by: Garf No. 19 M2/9


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2 Responses to “Opinion-How the late beginning class of Satit Ram affects learning by Garf No. 19 M2/9”

  1. T. Bob Says:

    I think every student should say what they think about this!

  2. Nan =] Says:

    I agree with Garf. 555555555
    : )

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