News-Satit Games by Jessie No. 45 M2/10

Welcome everybody to the Satit Games !!!

This year Satit Ram will be hosting the Satit Games , It’s called Fai-Kham Games it’s the 33rd time for the Satit Games.
The Demonstration Schools everywhere in Thailand will come to Satit Games in Satit Ram school to compete together.
Have to race about compete in sports such as basketall, football, swiming, teble tennis, tennis etc. And will have some cheer-leaders too.
Everybody should cheer Satit Ram so that the competitors will have more power to compete in the games !
The competitors have to do more training so they will have more confident and will find the way to a winner !
I think Satit Ram will win a lots of medals from Sports.
Last thing I wish Satit Ram will get the position of Winner !!!!


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