Computer – Laser Force by Bow No. 40 M2/10

Laser Force is a war game played in a dark room. 

I played Laser Force in New Zealand about two month ago. It was a great experience because I  didn’t know this game.

When you play they had a computer to show people who were playing inside the room and it was very fun because we can see two teams play in side.

Lets see what is Laser Force

 Playing Laser Force
There are two teams, a green team and a red team(I was  on the green team). Each team player wears a laser pack that flashes a light the colour of his team. (space after the period) You must start at your color’s base. For the green team this is just as you walk in the door. For the red team just walk to the other side of the room. when the music starts you can shoot the other team. Shoot their shoulder, back or gun. You will get no point if you shoot the front of you enermy(I often shot my team 555+). You must hold the gun with two hands. Put your left hand on the barrel and your right hand on the trigger. Next to your finger on your left hand there is a small button. You must hold this button down. The gun will not work if you do not hold this button down.

If you get other team’s base stand under the target and shoot between the four lights three times. If  everyone  in your team does it you will get bonus points.
If you are shot your lights will go out for 4 seconds and you will not be shoot anyone. You need to run away. If you stay in the same place the person who is shooting you will continue and you can not do anything. This is a competition between the two teams. The team with the highest points will win


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