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News-The Security and safety in Suvarnabhumi airport-Satang No. 7 M2/10

June 29, 2008

Normally concept , everyone believed that the airports must have a top security and safety . The bank robbery in Suvarnabhumi airport created the question that   this airport still had the top security and safety.
    On June 22, 2008 morning, at Bangkok Bank in Suvarnabhumi airport two Thai men have robed the bank and control 8 hostages. They went away with 3.3 million Bath. The policemen shall follow and catch them soon.
    The conclusion of this circumstance was that the most security place shall may be-
the most unsafely if  we have fault and lack of control.


C-SA Contest By Korn No. 1 M2/10

June 29, 2008

The grand opening of Contestant-Student Academy contest started already.  The grand contest for the teenagers in the age 13-19 years old for the new stars started 1-2 of March.  There were great abilities of teenagers going to the C-SA contest.  The first C-SA generation was supportive of new generation. The director of C-SA said” Many interested people were competent and skillful but no place for the students to do their show”.  The process of attending C-SA contest differed from the past.  The difference was that the candidates it was necessary to pass an audition from commentators.

Food-Chocolate-Auy No. 2 M2/10

June 29, 2008

Chocolate is a South America plant. Old tribes ate it a long time ago. It was found at the same time Christopher Columbus found America. And it went to every country. In Thailand they grow in the south of Thailand.
    The people think chocolate is not good. It is bad. People think it makes them fat. Yes it is the real chocolate makes them fat. But chocolate that you eat it not real of chocolate. It is milk chocolate or white chocolate or any chocolate. It has sugar and that is what makes you fat.
    Chocolate is good for your health. When you eat , it makes you happy. It makes you blood good and anything for good yourself. But it makes you fat , if you don’t exercise. So, you don’t eat much chocolate. And you should exercise often.

IBM is developing Linux center in Phuket-By Ton 2/10

June 29, 2008

IBM is preparing for setting up Linux development center at Phuket Paradise next month. And SIPA cooperates with Porn sup foundation to develop open source developer
Dr. Roongrueng Limchoopatiparn, director of Software Development Promotion office(SIPA) said that in July, IBM will sign  cooperative contractual agreement with SIPA to set up Open source Linux at Phuket which is considred to be the first company that join Phuket ICT Paradise or heaven island for SIPA for research and development.
In addition, SIPA also join with Porn sup foundation by signing cooperative contract for Open source software knowledge training. SIPA will select its internal personnel, government agentcies,and academic institution to join training and eveluation. It expects to take 10 months and then it will develop learning materials in order to be used in academic institutions.

Opinion-School’s football field by Aum No. 4 M2/10

June 29, 2008

                                        School’s  football  field

In the first day I came to School. I usually saw something change but, not like this time.

What’s happening to our football field? Shocked The place that used to be the football field is
becoming a dirt bike track. All of the grass was gone but filled with construction cars and bike ramps(soil hills).
   In May the weather in Thailand was terrible.It was raining everyday and every where especially
in Bangkok. So the grass was gone. There will be no football games on the field. I was sad.
   Why they didn’t fix this problem before the school started the new semester? When it will be finished?
A lot of questions were in my head. I asked some of my friends. “I don’t know when they will be finish.”
said my friend. Then I asked the teachers and they said the football field will be finished before Satit games.
 That’s better. I thought I had to wait until next year. I see workmen working hard everyday.
“That’s alright I can wait.”I said to my self and I hope the weather will be better than this. Smiley

Thank you for reading my story.

Internet/Computer Flashget-By Plug 2/9

June 29, 2008

Flashget is the program that helps us download files faster and easier.  This program comes with many excellent properties.  Flashget can give us an increase in downloading speed from 100% to 500%.  It can resume broken downloads and organize.  It can split downloaded files into sections, downloading each section simultaneously.  Another good property is it is easy to use.  We can use Thai menu and other 30 languages.  There are so many properties that I can not tell you all.  You can get free download with the program developer by E-mail:

Opinion-Entertainment in Thailand-Neng16-29

June 29, 2008

Nowadays, I think that the most of Thai children waste time on too much entertainment.  They like to play games too much.  Most of girls like to talk about Korean super star, singer, music and movie too.  But the most of teenagers like to listen to music and play games more than when they were young.  It makes people lose much money about to this.  So, perhaps it makes society have problems.  I think that, we ought to play games a little and used to time to
        Entertainment is the rest and relaxes for good health.  It is not necessary to must to lose much money about some entertainment.  They ought to play sports and exercise for their good health more than play games.   

The 2/9 Newspaper team this week!

June 29, 2008

Here are the boys from 2/9 that worked on the news!

Here is some of their work! 


Opinion – Did Harry Potter Die? By Chakee and Friends – M2/9

June 27, 2008

My opinion is ……   He DIED!!!!! Embarrassed. But he’s back from the dead. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows(or Harry Potter 7) Harry died. But He came back because he had one things of the Deathly Hallows, The Resurrection Stone. It had a power to bring back the dead. And Harry used it.
                          Who killed my Harry!!!!!

                               At first. Harry was met Lord Voldermort(or some people call him “You-Know-Who”) and Harry knew a part of the Lord voldermort’s soul is still alive in his body. Therefore he allowed Voldermort to kill him.

                          How to Harry came back to the death

                               When he killed by Lord Voldermort. He met Dumbledore in the death world. He talked to his professer shortly. And Dumbledore told him the part of Voldermort’s soul in his body had to die. And Harry could come back by The Resurrection Stone.

                                       Who’s dies in Harry Potter 7
                               Even though Harry didn’t die, others did die. By the end of Harry Potter about ten people at least died. In Harry Potter 7th, They had many dead people. Such as “Alaster(Mad-Eye) Moody” he was killed by the Death Eaters, “Severus Snape” was killed by The Dark Lord and more. Two persons who had a big relationship with Harry died.
                                   If you need to know more. You can buy the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to read. Who lives? Who dies? Don’t miss the book!!!!!

By Teacher Bob:

I think Chakee is crazy (just joking!).  EVERYONE knows Harry Potter didn’t die!  But let us know what you think. But you can go to the Satit Ram Chat Forum and let everyone know what you think.  Just go to the “Student Chat Area” and open the topic about Harry Potter.  You have to be registered to vote, but registering is easy!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing your opinions!

T. Bob

Last weeks Satit Ram’s Newspaper Team From M2/9!

June 26, 2008

Here are the contributors to the newspaper last week from 2/9.  

What’s that written on the whiteboard just above Chakee’s head????????  🙂


Oral Tests for Teacher Bob’s Students/Newspaper Reopening

June 25, 2008

On Wednesday, July 2 and Thursday, July 3 students may come to me for their oral tests.

The topics for the oral test are:

M3 – Favorite places (Favorite place in Bangkok, favorite place in Thailand, for example)

M2 – Favorite job, general “Wh” questions (Where do you live? What is your favorite food? for example)


Tomorrow I will talk with the M2/9 students to see if they are interested in reopening the newspaper.  However, no student will be required to do their work on the internet.  M2/9 and M2/10 students please talk to your parents and see if it is OK if you do work on the internet.  If you cannot, I will make another test for you.

Let me know what you think.  Please add a comment to this article!!!!!   Students, ask your parents what they think about you working on the internet so you can tell me!


T. Bob


June 20, 2008

The  At  Ten program on air on Tuesday at half past four pm.There have is three master of ceremonies. They’ re names are Vittawat  soontonvinat, Pui at ten  and Kam at ten.First,program “DUNDARA” Support to be the star and to show talent. There are three referees such as Mr. Chain ( expert  speaker of Thailand). Mrs.Maneenat
( The famous singer of Thailand ).and last one Mr. Note Choenyim( comedian  of  Thailand ).Applicents have to
show  sing a song. After that the referees have guess.Whom do sing a song?  Then  referees  given
the score and comment. If who is the winner. They will get  10,000 bath. The second 7,000 bath.
The third 5,000 bath. Next time talk  about  behind  the scene of the star. This is  program  top of variety-
talk  show at 3 channel. New  program  This is ” If  you  are  smart  don’t  lose  four grade” (primary school)
There are guesting  star  for  competition  with  four grade. Competiters  choose  education  group,
Namely  Science,Math,History,Thai  language,Art,Social  studies  etc.  If  the competitors give the wrong  answer they  must say ” PE  MUN YAE  PE  PAE  DEK  POR 4 ” ( I’m  not  better.I’m  lose  four  grade )
This program is more  fun   more  knowledge  more  over. It is to remind primary  students.

TV-Academy Fantasia- By Paw No. 20 M2/10

June 20, 2008

The nickname of Academy Fantasia is AF. AF is a popular reality show in Thailand. This reality show is about singing songs. There are twelve competitors. Every Saturday, there will be a concert at Thunderdome and every week one of the competitor will be disqualified unless there is a surprise. In the concert there will be three commentators that will comment all the competitors. Every week there will be different theme songs. It’s on air 24 hours on True Vision channel 20, when have concert will on air on true music channel 26 and MCOT channel is free TV. Now AF has 5 seasons.

Internet / Computer – My opinion of the internet – KaKa No. 30 M2/9

June 20, 2008

(Study for the test)

 Internet – The most popular tools for all the people in our world. Now, everybody is using the internet for communication, listening to music, playing games and update information etc. Really, the internet can let us know the most updated news about what is happening on our world, can check the latest information from other web site, can communicate with anybody using e-mail.
    But, if we are using internet the wrong way, we will be wasting our time at the web site of games, get wrong information from the adult web sites.
    So, it is important and we want to be more careful when using the internet.

Opinion-In the next ten years Bangkok will be an underwater city! By Palm 39 M2/9

June 20, 2008

(Study for the test)

Next ten years Bangkok will be underwater city!             

       Dr.Smith Dhammasaroch the previous director of The National Disaster Center was interviewed for World Environment Day (5th June)
    “Next ten years Bangkok will be an underwater city…”

  Bangkok will be an underwater city, because of Global warming.
 Can we believe him?
        About ten years ago, He warned “a Tsunami will be occurring in the Andaman Sea” But nobody believed him. Someone thought he was mad and resisted him such as the governor of Phuket didn’t allow Smith enter to Phuket because he destroyed tourism in Phuket at that time.
      Six years later, Andaman Sea had a Tsunami.
Ten provinces in the west coast of the southern part of Thailand got the big impact. If somebody trusted him at that time we could have saved many lives during the Tsunami was attacked.
Who’s Dr. Smith
       Many people know him well. He is very good in meteorology. He always warns about big impacts from natural disasters.
       He was a previous director of the National Disaster Center.
He resigned because he was really disappointed that the governments was never interested when he had warned about natural disasters.     
Bangkok will be underwater city?
     It’s beyond my imagination. But I believe Smith.
 Maybe it will be happen in the next 10-30 years. I heard about this story from other people. They said like this but in the next few years it will be true.
    We should trust him to prepare to protect people from the impact from natural disasters.

Save Bangkok, Save the world !!
    If everybody thinks, I have to survive. Next ten years I am going to live in upcountry or oversea.
    Nowadays all around the world get big impacts from global warming such as earthquake in Sichuan (China), cyclone Nargis in Myanmar etc.
    Everywhere have a chance to get the impact.
    We have a time to save Bangkok and save the world. Find a solution to remit global warming and save Bangkok together.
What do people do in this time?
Smith gave advice:   
    “Don’t worry. It’s not worth being serious about.
Don’t be nervous. Follow the news and learn about how to survive when the natural disasters is happen.

     Something is more important, in this time all around the world have natural disasters. This is because “Green house effect” It make global warming.
      If temperature in the sea increases only 1 degree centigrade natural disasters will be happen quite often and it more powerful.
      This is a big lesson for humans to stop destroying nature by reducing any activities to create Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere”.

      I hope nature will give us more time to remedy the wrong things that we have done. Smiley

            ———–Stop global warming——         

Movie-Juno The Family Movie – By Chakee No. 23 M2/9

June 20, 2008

(Study for the test)

One week ago. I went to see The Movie at The Major Cineplex. The movie’s plot is reflected in America teenage society.
 Let’s see the plot.

         Juno is about a fifteen year old girl named Juno. She is pregnant because she had sex with her close friend. But she choose to protect her child. And she was made steadfast by the will power of her family and her friends.
           This movie makes feedback the issue of conceiving at school age. Juno doesn’t tell you at conceiving at school age is a good story. But Juno is  about a girl who wants to be responsible for her doing. And she can be steadfast by herself.                                           
                                           Juno‘s Actors
                                       Juno Macguff — Ellen Page
                Pualie Bleeker(Juno’s Husband) — Michael Cera
                             Mark/Vanessa Loring — Jason Bateman/Jennifer Garner
                                     Juno’s Parents — J.K. Simmons/Allison Jenney
Other movies in this month
Sex and The city Carrie’s back! For everyone who are sex and the city’s fan. Don’t miss!
The Dark Knight The return of the Batman. It’s the follow part of “Batman Begins”

Las Vegas The big city and sin city. Let’s see the true story of”Las Vegas”
The Chronicles of Narnia:Prince Caspian Three children are come back! But then they come back with ‘Prince of Caspian’
Iron Man Based story on Marvel comics. It’s about the world’s greatest superhero ‘Iron Man’

Computer – Life and the Internet – By Ming No. 26 M2/10

June 20, 2008
(Study for the test)
“The life and internet”

Now , I always play on the computer and internet. Especially when I have to do my homework . Because the internet has more information than the library has and its information is more up-to-date than the books in library. The important thing is internet can work very quickly , just type the key word in web search engine then results will show. While , searching information in the library , I have to walk around to find the book then read through , It takes too much time.

The another reason  is online games . I play online games as same as the other persons.  I am allowed to play it when I have a long free time such as on weekend. The online game I’m playing now is ” Luna Online “. I have been playing this game in the last school holiday.  It is very fun.

In fact internet has a lot of advantages and disadvantages.  Such as in business everyone uses the information on it to help to make decisions quickly, on the other hand , the information on it can destroy their business if they use it in the wrong way.

Nowadays the internet is important.  It make everyone convenient.  Some people can work at home so they have more time to take care their family.  I think in the near future I may not need to go to school , just turn on the computer then connect to internet and I can study and send my homework via internet like this homework.  What is the life ??

Opinions-School’s Canteen and Library-By Chopper No. 17 M2/10

June 20, 2008

(Study for the test)

My school is The Demonstration School of Ramkhamhaeng University.  I want a big and hygienic canteen.  Because my school has a lot of students and I have to wait to buy the food for a long time.  And I want more fans in school’s canteen too. Because when I eat food it’s so hot, so it’s makes the food not delicious. The important things are tables and chairs in the canteen. I don’t have a seat to sit on ,so I have to share the chair with my friends. It’s very frustrating.

    And the library. I think It should have more variety of books . Especially new comic books , encyclopedias , journals , newspapers , educational VCDs and LCD monitors with modern computers too ! .

TV-TV Champion-By Prin No. 30 M2/10

June 20, 2008

My favourite TV program is TV Champion,on of the most prodigious and miraculous program in Japan or maybe the whole mass media society. It appears on true X-ZTYE channel 22. The program is all about many sorts of competition. It contains from cooking competition to creative constructing structure. It’s really challenging and attracting to your hidden talentss. Reward for the winner is 1,000,000 Yen. TV Champion program has been broadcasting for a long time. It’s really suitable for my family to enjoy our time together. After I watched this program, I always asked myself.

” If I register to challenge, I can win in this program. ”

prodigious = ใหญ่โต/มโหฬาร
miraculous = น่าอัศจรรย์


What I did during my summer vacation – From M3/6

June 13, 2008

Cake says:

During my summer vacation I always stayed at home and played computer games because I liked to play games at home more than going to play outside. The game that I likes to play the majority of the time is – will the online game , because , it is enjoyable. And I meet new friends in the game talk to make myself known so we can talk and help each other play all well. During in the evening I liked to go out and play sports regularly. Well I don’t like to study thus I have no special education. Mostly, I can come and go at will. I can go to a friends house or persuade a friend come and play at my house. During my freetime I like to read a books , especially cartoon books , mostly , because , it enjoyable , amusement , not taut , but , I , still read a school textbooks . Really summer my moderately tiresome holiday because , I sitting at my house then , playing games continually , until I finished summer the holiday.  Shocked

Yun says:

During my vacation i always stayed home! But in the first month i usually got up at 6 o’clock because i had to come to played tennis. Behind i played tennis i must came to school to study English with Mr.Robert Postak! I usually did in that way about 1 month and i thought it make me really happy so much! After 1 month i still came to play tennis and it made me dark. If i had free time , i always played computer and chatted with my friends. I usually went to my grandmother’s house because her house was next to my house! So everything that i told you are the truth! 5555 See you on your class TBob Smiley