July 29, 2008

Because the free service we use for our chat forum will not allow us to post pictures for free, I have decided to move the chat forum to another server.  With this server, we can share pictures, chat and do homework.   It has just been set up, so some things are missing, but over time everything will be like the old site.

You will need to register again.  Remember to use your nickname, number and class (Chris14-36 or Jessie45-210) as your username.

Click on the link on this page and you can see the new chat forum!!!!!




Online Comic Making Contest – By Teacher Bob

July 21, 2008

I’m going to start an online comic making contest.  Every week, I will pick the best online comic created by a student and that student will get a special prize and their comic will be put in the Satit Ram Newspaper. 

I’ve made an online comic, but I’m not as good as many of my students!! 


Teacher Bob First Comic Try

Teacher Bob First Comic Try


Here are a few sites you can use to create your comics:



Submit a link to your comic so I can see it.  This should be a fun activity for every student!

T. Bob

Two hundred rounds of running by Tammy No. 43 M2/9

July 20, 2008

 In physical education class at Demonstration School of Ramkhamhaeng University we have one thing which is different from other schools.  It is running two hundred times around the football field in one year.  Students who have to run are the student in  Mattayom one to Mattayom three.  I think this activity is good to the students because it’s make them strong and in good health.  My family think it is a good exercise for me because I don’t do much exercise at home.  I think it is good too but sometimes it makes me very tired.  Everyday before or after school I have to run four rounds or I can split it to two rounds in the morning and two rounds in the afternoon.  If we cannot make two hundred rounds in one year we will fail the P.E. class and we have to do the rest before we pass this class.

Ja-o a new restaurant in Satit Ram by Talae No.1 M2/9

July 20, 2008

Ja-o is a new restaurant in Satit Ram school, it came in the year 2008. In this restaurant, you can have fresh and hot food but you have to wait because they cook food to order. If there are many customers, you have to wait longer. Talking about menu you can eat many types of food but I can’t remember food  you can look at the menu and this, some students said the food are is delicious. I think they are right. Now you can have more choices for your lunch, please enjoy. Oh and don’t believe my opinion but please try  it youself.  Wink Wink

Opinion – We can make a Difference by Aum No. 25 M2/9

July 20, 2008

Climate change mry be a big problem,but there are many little things we can do to make adifference. If we try,most of us can do our part to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that we put into the atmosphere. Many greenhouse gases come from things we do every day. As we have learned, these greenhouse gases trap energy in the asmosphere and make the Earth warmer.

        Driving a car or using electricity is not wrong. We just have to be smart about it.Some people use less energy by carpooling. For example, four people can ride together in one car instead of driving four cars to work. Here are some additional ways you can help make the planet a better place!

        Recycle cans,bottles,plastic, and newpapers. When you recycle, you send less trash to the landfill and you help save natural
resources, like trees, oil, and elements such as aluminum.

        Bike, Bus, and Walk
        You can save energy by sometimes taking the bus, riding a bike, or walking.

Buildings at Satit Ram by Bas No. 6 M2/9

July 20, 2008
Satit ram is on an area 20 rai, with 7 permanent building.
DS1 has 6 floors. First floor is IT room; suggest room, toilet and lobby. Second floor is classroom, toilets, meeting hall. Third floor is classroom, meeting hall and toilets. Fourth floor is classroom, toilets and laboratory social studies. Fifth floor is laboratory IT, classroom, and toilets. And sixth floor is Thai laboratory, classroom and toilets.
DS2 has 2 floors. First floor is classroom. And second floor is classroom.
DS3 has 3 floors. First floor is technical side, toilets. Second floor is administrative side, laboratory foreign languages, toilets. And third floor is classroom, toilets and laboratory French.
DS4 has 3 floors. First floor is Fitness room. Second floor is mathematics laboratory and classroom. Third floor is classroom.
DS5 has 2 floors. 2 floors is art education.
DS6 has 4 floors. First floor is library. Second floor is physics laboratory, biology laboratory, classroom and toilets. Third floor is chemistry laboratory, toilets and meeting hall. And fourth floor is classroom, toilets and science laboratory.DS7 has 1 floor.
DS7 is occupation work laboratory.
And Satit ram has 2 gymnasiums, cafeteria and football field.

TV-The Bleach (Dead Angle) by Kan No. 28 M2/10

July 13, 2008

The Bleach (Dead Angel) is the Japanese manga cartoon issue written by Tite Kubo.  Nowadays The Bleach is published in the weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan country. In Thailand, The Bleach is published in the bloom magazine. In addition to, At Present the Bleach is created an animation cartoon that is showing on Tokyo television station. Moreover in Thailand is showing by True Spark and Gangcartoon channel.
The Bleach is supernatural action cartoon. The characters of performers are composed of the human, the spirit and the God of Death that are mixes in the story by difference performance.  The weapons is used to kill the devils is Soul Reapers or called Zanpakuto that is a capability to adopted many form into a blade.

Food-Japanese food by Famai No.31 M2/10

July 13, 2008
Japanese food.

Japanese foods are delicious such as Ramen (Japanese noodle), Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza), Miso soup, Yakisoba, Tempura, Gyoza, Tongkastu (fried pork), Takoyaki, Sashimi (raw fish), Sushi (Japanese rice with raw fish) etc.  Wasabi and Shoyu (soy sauce) are Japanese ingredient.  Wasabi made from a root of  Wasabi.  Wasabi has strong favour.  We untie strong favour from Wasabi by cola.  Japanese people always eat Sushi with Wasabi and Shoyu.  Japanese people always eat Sashimi with Shoyu and radish crush.  Ramen made from egg noodle and soup made from the boiled bones of pigs or chickens and vegetable such as onion, carrot etc.  Okonomiyaki made from wheat flour, water, eggs and cabbage.  The Japanese restaurant in Thailand such as Fuji, Oishi etc.     




Entertainment-My Opinion of Reality Show TV by Arm No.5 M2/10

July 13, 2008

really=the truth
show=appear to people
so,reality show means the truth for appear to people on TV
  Now reality show is fever and famous for teenagers.  Boys and girls know it.  The shows are reality shows such as Academy Fantasia, The Star, Big Brother etc.  A lot of compete is reality.  The competitors in reality want to people vote to stay on the reality show.
  The first reality show is fantastic in Thailand because Thailand didn’t have reality shows.  People vote about the competitors.  But now there’s a lot of reality shows in Thailand.  People are bored about reality shows, bored to vote.  The votes become marketing.  It’s not fun.  It’s not fantastic.  It’s not excited.  It’s boring.  A few people vote.  A few people watch and me too.
  And you, are you bored  with reality shows?
 Write your comments here about reality shows!!!!!!

TV-Family Genius by Nine No.38 M2/10

July 13, 2008

Name English Family Genius.  Name Thai AUT-CHA-RI-YA-YOKE-BAAN.  On air on Saturday at 10.00 pm.  It is a game show.  It has play game 4 mission.  The winner to take award 50000 baht.  In mission 1, it name is KHOB-KRUAW-HUA-HMONE.  Mission 2, it name is KROB-KRUAW-HUA-LUM-LEANG.  Mission 3, it name is KHOB-KRUAW-HUA-LAND.  And mission 4, it name is KHUB-KHUAW-ROUM-HUA-KID.  One team has member 3 people.  There are father, mother and daughter or son.  There are 4 team competitors.  In round each will to discard 1 team.  Last team is winner and to take award 50000 baht.  But last team must to pass a test in mission 4.  Mission 4, it name is KHOB-KHUAW-ROAM-HUA-KID.  Mission 4 it they can find the puzzle in 4 minutes, get big jackpot 500,000 baht.  After 4 minutes, get award 50000 baht. Before 7 minutes, get can shirt (shirt can) 3 people (1 team). All mission must have very unity, because will out site games.

Entertainment-Four Mods- by Ngeg No.34 M2/10

July 13, 2008


Four and Mod are famous singer.
Four, name is Sakolrat Woraurai.  Four’s birthday twenty-fifth October 1986.  She is twenty-one years old.  She has two sisters and one brother.  Older sisters are Thanawon Woraurai (One) and Sirikamol Woraurai (Off/Three) .  Older brother is Suthipong Woraurai (Two).
Mod, name is Kunutchaya Chairat.  Mod’s birthday twelfth April 1991.  She is seventeen years old.  She hasn’t sisters and brothers.

Four and Mod have four main albums.

In 2005 under ID Records, The first album was Four-Mod.  Four-Mod album had ten songs.  Ten songs were hai-jai-pen-ter, bib-nam-ta, tam-ha-khon-tam-jai, ta-kra-sib, poen-mai, rup-dao-bon-puen-saai, yim-aog, pu-tong-song-sai, wan-pi-sed and pean-pen-ruk-dai-mai.  Hit song was hai-jai-pen-ter.

In 2006, The second album was Love Love.  Love Love album had eight songs.  Eight songs were love-love, pean-gun-mai, dek-wun-wai, san, bok-la-nai-jai, sa-lum-sa-lue, tum-jai-hai-pen-poen-ter and term-khom-nai-chong-wang  Hit song was love love. 

In 2007 under Kamikaze, The third album was Wooo!.  Wooo! album had six songs.  Six songs were dek-me-pun-ha, mai-jeb-mai-tam, tummm.., pu-chai-jai-yen, wa-sa-bi and khad-jai.  Hit song was dek-me-pun-ha. 

In 2008, The fourth album was Four Mod In Wonderland.  In Wonderland album had five songs.  Five songs were la-lai, pen-fan-gun-mai, jeb-mung-a-rai-mung, jeeb-nuk-deaw-ruk-roey and khai-ting-khai-kon.  Hit song was la-lai.

Other albums
-Kamikaze album.
-kiss kiss album.
-Forward To U album.
-Hit 2 Hit Neko Jump & Four Mod album.

 Smiley Wink Cheesy Grin

Food-Papaya Salad(Somtam) By Pui No.37 M2/10

July 13, 2008

Papaya Salad is the kind of Thai food, it originating from of Laos and northwest Thailand. The main consist is green papaya, groundnut, tomato, garlic, chili, string bean, Lime juice, fish sauce, shrimp and sugar.

Papaya Salad Directions…
1.Fresh Green Papaya 
2. Shredded Papaya
3. Ingredients Ready 
4. Prepare Seasonings
5. Pound Together   
6. Serve and enjoy.

You can eat BBQ chicken with papaya salad, some made with carrot or cucumber instead of papaya. Papaya Salad is most popular in many people, because papaya salad is very delicious and to be different. Papaya Salad is unique of Thailand. The dominant of Papaya Salad is peppery. Papaya Salad is healthy and Low Fat. But! You must to make sure the restaurant is hygienic, Because you can diarrhoea!!~

Thank you…The End Grin

News – The misunderstanding about taking a bath – By Dao No.32 M2/10

July 13, 2008

The Specialist of skin talks about is how often to take a bath will make problems of your skin very easy to take care of.  Because of the skin has immunizing agents in nature and it is antiseptic too,  it help to prevent the inflame etc.  You will to see that when have the wound, it gives result to effect of your body is fighting with disease.
    The researcher of Tobingkem University in Germany has discovered that the sweat has the substance to prevent the skin from inflame, a rash.  This substance is produced from sweat glands throughout the body. It helps to pasteurize bacteria before it danger of skin.  The antiseptic of skin are removed by a washing powder, soap, etc.  We should buy them to be careful for don’t irritate the skin, we can observe to after of use will have irritate and dry skin.
                So we should take a bath two times a day. Smiley

Midterm Test Edition of the Satit Ram News

July 11, 2008

This weeks team from 2/9 have decided to dedicate all their stories to Satit Ram.  Yes, thats right!  The entire team is going to write about our school. 

I’m very proud for the 2/9 students to do this!  And I hope students in other classes will write a story for the last post of the Satit Ram Newspaper before the midterm test.

News about ORAL TESTS for Mr. Bob and ONLINE STUDY GUIDE for M2

July 11, 2008

Sorry students, I was absent on Friday due to stomach problems.  Please come see me next week during your break or during lunch for your oral test.  Your oral tests are due by the 31st of July. 

Since I was home today, I created an online study guide for the midterm test.  You will need to register (use your username from the chat forum) before you can use it.  It is not required that you do the online study guide, but just something more for you to practice for your midterm test. Here is the link:

Take a look and comment here on what you think!  Soon, this will be the new home of the Satit Ram Newspaper and Chat Forum.

News-The Waii Kru ceremony!!-Gift No. 33 M2/9

July 7, 2008

Waii Khru ceremony!!
3 July 2008 in Satit ram school is a “Waii  Khru” ceremony . This ceremony is a very important for students,
because this ceremony  is to pay compliments to teachers, so in the morning student went to the Ramkhamheang conference hall to join in the ceremony. In this ceremony have athere are many activities. This ceremony is the day that  the alumnus and alumna will go to this school to pay compliment to the  teachers the same us. In this ceremony there is an activity to give a certificate to a good students, the students from m.6 sang a song to our teacher, It’s very beautiful!!, the competition to make ”pran”   to used to give to our teachers and my class 2/9 is got a third prize, it’s very amazing.

In the afternoon is the time for an old student to make an activity for the new students. It’s very fun. In Thai this activity is called ‘Rub nong’. I have to join in this activity too. It’s very fun but very tired too. 

Movie-The Last Moment-Baitong No. 27 M2/9

July 6, 2008
The Last Moment

Last week, I went to see The Last Moment or it is called “Rak Sam Sao” in Thai at Major Cineplex, The Mall Bangkapi. This story is a drama movie. It’s made by Yudthalert Lippapak. He’s a director of this movie.He tell this movie has plot from his life.

The Last Moment’s actors
Nam-Arrak Amornsuphasiri
Fah-Pattharasara Kruesuwansira
Phayu-Ratchawin Wongwiriya

The Last Moment is about love, crying, tough, and care of the three art student friends. Fah, Nam and Phayu are friends. Fah is Nam’s best friend. Nam loves Phayu but Phayu loves Fah. Fah does not know that Nam loves Phayu. So Fah says that she loves Phayu in the presence of Nam. Love….friendship….

What are they going to do next ?

I like this movie because it makes me cry Cry and impressed. 

Opinion-Smoking in Satit Ram- Pare No.37 M2/9

July 5, 2008

Undecided Smoking  in  Satit  Ram  Undecided

I think smoking is not good. Because it is harmful for our health and hurts another persons health, and it will be an environment pollution. Smoking is provocation diseases, but if we don’t smoke it can decrease to expense and it can decrease to Global warming too. Observe, i can saw some students are smoking in the toilet, if i walk to that area it was smell bad. I want to tell them, i don’t want to see them smoking because smoking is bad for health but i can’t, because I’m a student. Finally, i want to tell our teachers, please tell them and warn them ” don’t smoking ” because it don’t good.

Sports-Football Euro 2008-Aom No. 36 M2/9

July 5, 2008

European Football Championship is soccer match from country in Europe as to verify kick in prince in field of ball Europe. Arrange every 4 years. And the far from world match 2 years. And in control from European Football Association [UEFA] this time European Football championship orange is thirteen times.
     There country are Austria and Switzerland, are generous share in arrive Football Euro 2008. Over round for choose 1 of 16 teams to become the winner. Now16 team lastly in Football Euro 2008 have Austrian, Croatia, Republic, Cheg, French, German, Greece, Holland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and turkey.
      Now Spain is in prince in field of ball Europe 2007. With Spain Competition German, Score is 1- 0. 
      Works Spain

– Round 1
Win Russia   4-2
Win Sweden   2-1
Win Greece   2-1
– Round 8 Team
Even Italy 0-0 (120 minute) win free kick   4-2
– Round second to the champion
Win Russia   3-0

TV-Hub Kong Mae-June No. 33 M2/10

July 5, 2008
Hub Kong Mae

   The story is about district officer and dressing maker which love each other and have a son. But district officer has a fiancée. So make the fiancée do out satisfaction. To make the false story get the district officer mistake from his home. After that she gets difficult many things. The fiancée [Sawaros] hit and throw acid to dressing maker [Kimnide]. Kimnide face is bad to be seen. The home of district officer no money to pay education for the first son. Kimnide who is paying for this thing behind the curtain. This make from the hawker. Kimnide make money which her son does not know. Later Kimnide and her husband together to be love and happy ending. Because the dristrict officer told the son that Kimnide is his mother. And the son to be envious Kimnide.

           I very like this drama. Grin Because it is useful, funny, teaches many things and give many things to think about to me. Even repaying and to be envious. Which it make bad effectual return. Cry